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MEN ‘Off Our Backs’


MEN!!! Indeed, indeed.

JD Samson and LeTigre/Hirsute cohorts are back, this time in the incarnation of MEN. ‘Off Our Backs’ is the totally excellent first single from a supposed forthcoming debut album (anyone know when?). The video by K8 Hardy is awesome in a $3/of the moment/New Museum kind of way and grates along with the track deliciously.

They’re currently on tour in Europe and we all must, must, must go to their New York show in July at … gong sound please… New Museum!

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Swine time

Horrifying, and somewhat timely, flashback of the day…. oink!

Green Jelly

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Hubs tropes… roll up, roll up.

Our guide to the cliches, visual iconography and historical references that make up the vernacular of modern music videos.

It’s time for a long-awaited installment of Hubs tropes.¬†With wild animals, creepy clowns, fancy costumes and colorful props, the Circus has to be one of the most ubiquitous themes in music videos. Who doesn’t love the old fashion razzle-dazzle of the big top with its cute animals and saucy trapeze artists?

Sometimes sad (Annie Lennox), sometimes deranged (Primus), you can always look to the old big top when you’re out of ideas. P.T. Barnum would be proud.

Panic at the Disco ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’

Panic at the Disco

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Annie Lennox ‘Why’

Is there anything sadder than a sorrowful showgirl?

Annie Lennox

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Britney Spears ‘Circus’

ok, ok. I think we can count on Ms Spears to declare the carnival officially over.

Britney Spears

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Christina Aguilera ‘Hurt’

Aggers plays another sad carnie in this sweeping period drama.

Christina Aguilera

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T-Pain ‘Can’t Believe it’ (feat. Lil Wayne)

Remember that nasty crunk/clown movement a few years ago?


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Lynch Mob


Music videos used to be the breeding ground for up and coming directors; a medium to develop one’s visual style outside the stiff rules of Hollywood. But with music videos becoming more of a rarified art form these days, are we going to see more established directors making a foray into the action?

Typically perplexing and frankly weird, David Lynch’s new clip for Moby’s ‘Shot in the Back of the Head’ could be a harbinger of things to come. A dark, fractured masterpiece, the animated clip depicts a dystopian landscape of severed heads, apocalyptic dream sequences and some weird ass scribbles. More please!

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Director: The Chapman Brothers!

PJ Harvey

The first music video directed by brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman was exactly what you would expect from two renowned artists having a go at a music video. The video for ‘Let’s Go F*cking Mental’ by The Peth simply features footage of a colonoscopy conducted on band frontman (and famous actor) Rhys Ifans.

Their second attempt is something completely different. A nicely polished pop video for PJ Harvey and John Parish’s first single from their new album ‘A Woman a Man Walked By’. On first viewing I assumed this was another Sophie Muller project, her video for Polly’s ‘This is Love’ is a personal fav. ‘Black Hearted Love’ features Polly jumping up and down on a bouncy castle, throw in some rain, strobe lights and some slow motion effects and you have a very nice looking video. The Chapman Brothers have put together a dark yet fun video without the need for genitalia on anyone’s face… not that there is anything wrong with that.

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We’re living for the new Peaches track ‘Talk to Me’, the first from her upcoming album I Feel Cream. The video, directed by Brit up and comer Price James (Friendly Fires, Florence and the Machine) is a gritty melange that somehow reminds us of The Amityville Horror. Part Helmut Newton, part Margiela S/S 09 the video reminds us that there’s something innately creepy about hair, human or otherwise. Can’t wait for Peaches show next month.

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Feeling mossy

Primal Scream

With the Topshop hysteria sweeping Manhattan and news that Kate Moss is going to be lending her less than stellar pipes to a new Lemonheads track, we’re in the mood for a Thursday afternoon flashback.

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