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I was gently swaying in the breeze to ‘Rain’ on Hubs earlier today and decided to dig around a little and find out more about one of my favorite childhood videos (shh). Did you know it was shot entirely in black and white with each frame hand colored to get that intense saturation effect? It was also the FIFTH single off Erotica (thanks Wikipedia). Those were the days.

That part, half way through the song, where the wall of lights slowly reach full intensity during “Here comes the suuuuuuuun” gets me every time…

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One to watch: Cat Solen

Director Cat Solen, a member of director’s collective Partizan, appeared on our radar with the kinda cool but creepy video for Bright Eyes’ ‘At the Bottom of Everything,’ which features Terrence Stamp and Evan Rachel Wood plunging happily to their deaths in a jetliner. LA based Solen, who has also directed clips for CSS and Conor Oberst,  has a style reminiscent of early Gondry. She blends DIY art school flourishes with a more sophisticated aesthetic, combining live action with animation sequences to create whimsical and engaging narratives. We’re particularly taken with her latest video for Double Dagger’s ‘Vivre Sans Temps Mort.’ Maybe its the tiny streetscapes featuring model cars – if that doesn’t teleport you to an 80s childhood, what will?

Double Daggers

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Is this the future of music videos?

Somehow we missed this one. The Spanish group Labuat released a music video  for their single “Soy Tu Aire” last month and the flash based interactive video is interactive. As the song plays, the user can direct a scrolling line of black ink across the screen with the effect growing thicker and more abstract as the song progresses. The results are fairly impressive and it’s easy to see why the clip is garnering all sorts of buzz online. While it may be a touch art school for our taste, its hard not to imagine a future where music videos will be highly interactive.

Watch the video here (via Very Short List)



Also check out Neon Bible by Arcade Fire.



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