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50 Cent ‘Touch Me’ – worst song/video ever?

50 Cent

This time…
I’ma make it clear…
That I’m number one…
Uh… Yeah… Yeah… Yeah…

Insipid lyrics? Yep! Video that looks like it had a 25 cent budget despite probably costing a million bucks? Indeed! Worst video and song ever? Easily!

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I just caught this amazing French new wave film Last Year at Marienbad. Set in an over the top old chateau, the black and white film is a masterpiece of style and intrigue.

I’ve seen many fashion shoots inspired by the – frankly weird and, weirdly frank – film. Then I remembered that Blur’s video for ‘To The End’ was filmed as an homage. Without further ado…

Dolly Parton ‘Change It’

Dolly Parton

Dolly’s new video has to be seen to be believed, it looks like it was shot on an iPhone and directed by my Grandmother!

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