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When Spike was lo-fi

With ubiquitous Where the Wild Things Are chatter, a recent MoMA retrospective and a Kanye collaboration that has the internet in a royal tizz, you’d be forgiven for feeling pangs of Spike Jonze fatigue.

But you’ve got to hand it to the man. No director have made the transition from no-budget music video director into fully fledged Oscar-nominated territory the way he has. Whilst his work looks increasingly glossy and expensive (thanks to long time collaborator cinematographer Lance Acord) it’s interesting to revisit his roots, in this case, Jonze’s second video, Sonic Youth’s 100%.



Lionel Richie

For starters, it reminds us of how lucky we are to have the internet for stalking potential love interests. Trailing someone in person or calling and hanging up after they answer seems like so much work nowadays.

Plus, you just can’t touch a video that shows a scene of a blind woman in a ballet class. How does she stay in sync and keep from knocking into everyone? It’s inspiring.

Lastly, there is nothing I love more than a video that incorporates a nice dramatic storyline. That play rehearsal at the beginning is genius, and the part at the end where he’s summoned to the art studio to see the bust she’s sculpted of him without ever seeing him just proves they’re soul mates!

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