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When Spike was lo-fi

With ubiquitous Where the Wild Things Are chatter, a recent MoMA retrospective and a Kanye collaboration that has the internet in a royal tizz, you’d be forgiven for feeling pangs of Spike Jonze fatigue.

But you’ve got to hand it to the man. No director have made the transition from no-budget music video director into fully fledged Oscar-nominated territory the way he has. Whilst his work looks increasingly glossy and expensive (thanks to long time collaborator cinematographer Lance Acord) it’s interesting to revisit his roots, in this case, Jonze’s second video, Sonic Youth’s 100%.



Lionel Richie

For starters, it reminds us of how lucky we are to have the internet for stalking potential love interests. Trailing someone in person or calling and hanging up after they answer seems like so much work nowadays.

Plus, you just can’t touch a video that shows a scene of a blind woman in a ballet class. How does she stay in sync and keep from knocking into everyone? It’s inspiring.

Lastly, there is nothing I love more than a video that incorporates a nice dramatic storyline. That play rehearsal at the beginning is genius, and the part at the end where he’s summoned to the art studio to see the bust she’s sculpted of him without ever seeing him just proves they’re soul mates!

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I just caught this amazing French new wave film Last Year at Marienbad. Set in an over the top old chateau, the black and white film is a masterpiece of style and intrigue.

I’ve seen many fashion shoots inspired by the – frankly weird and, weirdly frank – film. Then I remembered that Blur’s video for ‘To The End’ was filmed as an homage. Without further ado…

Hubs tropes… intergalactic!

Our guide to the cliches, visual iconography and historical references that make up the vernacular of modern music videos.

The recent barrage of media coverage over the 40th anniversary of the moon landing got us thinking. Where would music videos be without the old go-to reference of space travel? Whether its adopting the retro approach a.l.a. Corgan, or going for a kitsch DIY homage like the Beastie Boys’ ‘Intergalactic,’ space travel and its visual repertoire of rockets, extra terrestrials and futuristic leisure wear continues to be a major influence on the music video world.

Here’s our top 5. Any other suggestions?

Smashing Pumpkins ‘Tonight, Tonight’

David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’

Lenny Kravitz ‘Believe’

N.E.R.D. ‘She Wants to Move’

Kylie Minogue ‘Put Yourself in my Place’


It’s difficult to pinpoint Michael Jackson’s biggest contribution to popular culture. Was it his ability to seamlessly combine soul, R&B and pop? Or the way he spread urban culture to every conceivable corner of the globe? Or was it his mastery of spectacle, which transformed concerts into high tech extravaganzas that defined the entertainment revolution?

But for us, the magic of MJ was always about his music videos. No artist, before or since, could turn music videos into a global event. We’ll always have memories of crowding around the living room television waiting for his clips to debut on MTV. Over-the-top, big budget affairs, a Michael Jackson video felt more like a mini-feature; perfectly executed rock operas that could ignite the imaginations of millions of people all over the world.

It’s pretty difficult to nail down his best video. The obvious choice is, of course, “Thriller,” a 13 minute, fastidiously choreographed masterpiece that remains seared into the cultural memory. But Thriller is only part of the story. Another perfect pop cultural gem is “Bad,” a Martini Scorsese foray, which featured a then unknown Wesley Snipes. From there he went from the high concept (the groundbreaking morphing effects in “Black or White”), to the zeitgeisty (Herb Ritts’ sepia toned video for “In the Closet” which featured Naomi Campbell) to the bombastic (the “Scream” video with Janet Jackson, which remains the most expensive clip ever made). We could go on…

But for now, hats off. glitter gloves on. Let’s salute the best music video artist of all time with HubsTV’s fave MJ clip.


Michael Jackson ‘Scream’

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Meet you all the way.


Rosanna, Toto (1982)

Do I really need a reason to post this classic Yacht Rock anthem from 1982? The multiple key changes and the overwrought synth solo never ceases to transport me to heaven. I also love the ubiquity of chain link fences and graffiti backdrops in early 80s vids.

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Swine time

Horrifying, and somewhat timely, flashback of the day…. oink!

Green Jelly

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