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It’s difficult to pinpoint Michael Jackson’s biggest contribution to popular culture. Was it his ability to seamlessly combine soul, R&B and pop? Or the way he spread urban culture to every conceivable corner of the globe? Or was it his mastery of spectacle, which transformed concerts into high tech extravaganzas that defined the entertainment revolution?

But for us, the magic of MJ was always about his music videos. No artist, before or since, could turn music videos into a global event. We’ll always have memories of crowding around the living room television waiting for his clips to debut on MTV. Over-the-top, big budget affairs, a Michael Jackson video felt more like a mini-feature; perfectly executed rock operas that could ignite the imaginations of millions of people all over the world.

It’s pretty difficult to nail down his best video. The obvious choice is, of course, “Thriller,” a 13 minute, fastidiously choreographed masterpiece that remains seared into the cultural memory. But Thriller is only part of the story. Another perfect pop cultural gem is “Bad,” a Martini Scorsese foray, which featured a then unknown Wesley Snipes. From there he went from the high concept (the groundbreaking morphing effects in “Black or White”), to the zeitgeisty (Herb Ritts’ sepia toned video for “In the Closet” which featured Naomi Campbell) to the bombastic (the “Scream” video with Janet Jackson, which remains the most expensive clip ever made). We could go on…

But for now, hats off. glitter gloves on. Let’s salute the best music video artist of all time with HubsTV’s fave MJ clip.


Michael Jackson ‘Scream’

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Paging Child Protective Services!


Maybe I’m a little late to this party, but is the long-delayed video for MGMT’s ‘Kids’ not scary as all get out? It definitely captures the childhood primordial fears lurking within. What’s up with the Nietzsche quote attributed to Mark Twain? And what about Joanna Newsom as a convincing Madison Avenue princess? A riddle wrapped in an enigma, the Ray Tinroti directed video has totally bought the song back into Hubs high rotation.

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The Bloody Beetroots ‘Warp’ (feat. Steve Aoki)

Steve Aoki

Practically everything about Steve Aoki makes my blood boil and give off fumes toxic enough to knock-out small children (expect, perhaps, his kinship to Devon). I mean, have you seen his clothing line? Bloody hell… Thankfully on this track with Bloody Beetroots his vocals have been churned through the Cher synthesizer and I can blissfully imagine him getting mangled in the machine cogs. Aoki aside, the latest Bloody Beetroot track is pretty catchy, they’ve gotten an obscene amount of publicity recently and is the first time I’ve had a proper listen (I’m lazy ok), now I understand why.

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MEN ‘Off Our Backs’


MEN!!! Indeed, indeed.

JD Samson and LeTigre/Hirsute cohorts are back, this time in the incarnation of MEN. ‘Off Our Backs’ is the totally excellent first single from a supposed forthcoming debut album (anyone know when?). The video by K8 Hardy is awesome in a $3/of the moment/New Museum kind of way and grates along with the track deliciously.

They’re currently on tour in Europe and we all must, must, must go to their New York show in July at … gong sound please… New Museum!

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Lynch Mob


Music videos used to be the breeding ground for up and coming directors; a medium to develop one’s visual style outside the stiff rules of Hollywood. But with music videos becoming more of a rarified art form these days, are we going to see more established directors making a foray into the action?

Typically perplexing and frankly weird, David Lynch’s new clip for Moby’s ‘Shot in the Back of the Head’ could be a harbinger of things to come. A dark, fractured masterpiece, the animated clip depicts a dystopian landscape of severed heads, apocalyptic dream sequences and some weird ass scribbles. More please!

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Janelle Monae: the next big thing.

Janelle Monae

We’ve heard whispers about R&B singer Janelle Monae in the past. But since the SXSW dust has settled, whispers have grown into next-big-thing roars, with Janelle’s performances the most talked about of the festival.

With spaced out style and seriously smooth pipes, we’re thinking Janelle is poised to be a hubs video favorite.

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Jai Hoes

Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls never met a trend they didn’t love and want to hijack and desecrate and rub their inflated tits on. So it goes with their horrifying rendition of ‘Jai Ho,’ the Oscar award winning song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Judging from this preview video (via mtv) we can trust the Dolls to leave their own slutty imprimatur on the track whilst offending the entire country of India in the process. Slutty Saris a go-go!


Watch the video now on HubsTV.

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